Selection of Personnel


HR Proactivity Selection is a separate operational area within the company, focusing on recruitment of personnel and qualified professionals at the middle management level.

HR Proactivity Selection´s high-quality recruitment process is extremely cost-effective for our clients. In the management of the entire selection process we work with the same efficiency and dedication we use in our Executive Search process.

There is, of course, a difference in the method for identifying potential candidates. For this type of position, the number of possible candidates is often rather large, and the aim is to find a sufficiently wide selection of suitable candidates. This is where job advertising and database searches are frequently the most cost-effective approach to recruitment of this type of employee.

HR Proactivity Selection utilises cutting-edge communication channels to reach and attract qualified personnel for the type of position required. HR Proactivity Selection works with the best and most effective employment sites on the web with the aim of achieving maximum possible exposure to guarantee coverage of the vacant positions.

We supplement advertising with searches in our own national and international databases, and in social media networks on the Internet (such as LinkedIn) and business schools.


Our Process of Personnel Selection

We can outline our process as follows:

Preparation of the Profile

  • Company presentation
  • Position specification and profile
  • SHL work/position profiling: personal qualifications to meet the profile
  • Elaboration and Approval of complete profile
  • Preparation of interview material (for competence-based interviews)

Phase 1 Start-up of Search

  • Business Intelligence: Identification and use of the most effective search channels and mechanisms
  • Analysis of database and HR network of contacts
  • Processing and analysis of CVs
  • Screening of candidates
  • Telephone contact with pre-selected candidates, and feedback
  • First interviews with selected candidates
  • CV analysis – initial screening of candidates
  • First interview with qualified candidates

Phase 2 Evaluation

  • In-depth interview, focusing on the personal competences defined in the profile
  • Management Testing
  • Personality Questionnaires
  • Evaluation of abilities and competences

Phase 3 Presentation

  • Written appraisal of selected candidates:
  • Description
  • Evaluation against profile: relevant experience and personal competences
  • Final in-depth referencing– final candidates, written report

Phase 4 Employment & Follow Up
Once the candidate has joined the client company, HR Proactivity performs periodic follow-up with both the candidate and the company to determine if they have met the expectations of the job and its objectives.


HR Proactivity agrees not to directly contact candidates who have been hired by the client company in order to interest them in new professional challenges. This commitment has no time limit unless it has been expressly agreed with the client.

In case the worker doesn’t meet the expectations of the profile sought by the company, or the job becomes vacant for any reason in a period of 6 – 12 months (depending on the job position) from the date of incorporation, HR Proactivity agrees to replace that person at no additional charge.