Management Audit and Assessment


The Management Audit concept involves evaluating the whole management team – or other managerial groups – of the company, for example in preparation for a change, to develop leadership, or as part of a regular performance evaluation for the Board/central management.

Management Assessment can be carried out to assess internal management candidates as part of a selection procedure, or to identify potential managers as part of the company’s Talent Management Process. In both cases, we utilise our expertise in evaluating individuals and their potential for the future organisation.

Management Audit & Management Assessment are processes which assist the company in analysing its management resources. They provide a sound basis for decisions involving promotion or internal managerial appointments, for individual or team development and how to proceed with an acquisition.


Applications for Audit / Assessment may include:


  • Evaluation and Selection of internal managerial candidates
  • Changes of strategy: Do we have the necessary leadership abilities for future challenges?
  • Preparation for an international expansion
  • Personnel career development
  • Establishing a new operation