Executive Search


Consult with us to strengthen your team of top executives and benefit from a customized service backed up by more that 25 year of experience recruiting executives and top managers.

HR Proactivity´s executive search is an exhaustive process with the goal of finding, identifying, and evaluating highly qualified candidates for executive positions as well as specialized professionals. This process involves an active and highly proactive search, and is advisable when considering upper management positions or when the candidate profile must be of exceptional character.


Our Search Process

We can outline our process as follows:

Preparation of Search Profile

  • Company presentation
  • Position and search profile specification
  • Determination of personal and professional skills the candidate profile needs
  • Approval of search profile
  • Preparation of interview material (for competence-based interviews)

Phase 1 Research – Candidates and Companies

  • Business Intelligence: Identification of search areas, relevant industries, target companies, and surveying and analysing relevant positions
  • Input from HR Proactivity’s database and networks
  • Preliminary references and screening of candidates
  • Candidate contact
  • Profile analysis
  • First interview with the selected candidates

Phase 2 Evaluation

  • Competence-based in-depth interview, focusing on the personal and professional qualifications defined in the search profile
  • Management Testing
  • Personality Questionnaires
  • Evaluation of abilities and competences

Phase 3 Presentation

  • Written appraisal of selected candidates:
  • Description
  • Evaluation against search profile: relevant experience and personal qualifications
  • Final in-depth referencing– final candidates

Phase 4 Signing & Follow-Up

When a candidate has signed a contract, HR Proactivity follow-ups are carried out with both candidate and company to determine whether the expectations about the position and its objectives have been met.



HR Proactivity agrees not to enter into discussions with employees in the company with the aim of interesting them in new professional challenges with our other clients. This committment has no expiration unless there is an express agreement with the client.

Should the person employed through us not perform in accordance with the search profile, or the position becomes vacant within 12 months of the date on which the position was taken up, HR Proactivity will undertake to replace this person without additional fees.