Leadership Consulting


A successful recruitment process, through which a manager is employed, is just the beginning. To succeed in the face of the fierce competition which all commercially-driven operations are exposed to, companies must be able to attract the right expertise, and then continuously evaluate and develop their managers and managerial talent. It is vital for organizations to define managerial roles in light of the strategic goals of the enterprise, the talent needed to meet those goals and the culture of the organization.

We offer a series of services that help organizations evaluate existing managerial capacity and the quality of existing managerial talent. We present them under the umbrella Leadership Consulting.


The HR Proactivity Leadership Consulting services include:


Human Due Diligence – background checks and leadership assessment for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) clients
Management Audit & Assessment – evaluation / assessment of the management team / managerial groups, or individual executives
Succession Planning / Talent Management – a talent review process and subsequent plan designed to systematically identify, assess, develop, and retain high performing and high potential talent