Succession Planning / Talent Management


Succession Planning or Talent Management are highly efficient processes to systematically identify, assess, develop, and retain high performing and high potential talent.

Who will succeed the CEO? Who will take over as CFO? Are there internal candidates who can step in relatively quickly? What are their qualifications and abilities relative to the requirements we set for the role which may become vacant, and what is required to minimise any gap in experience or expertise? How good is our Talent Pool? Which sectors will experience problems in recruiting high-calibre people in the future?

Answering these questions successfully is the key to competitive Succession Planning and Talent Management.

With HR Proactivity´s deep knowledge of Profiling and Assessment, we can help your organization with the following:

  • Identify the abilities needed by high potential individuals to be successful in your organization – within the framework of current and future strategies.
  • Identify high-potential talent early. For potential candidates to be ready for top management positions when needed, serious development needs to start fairly early.
  • Create a formal high-potential identification process. Building and implementing a succession plan depends on creating a formal, high potential identification process.

When selecting candidates for all senior leadership positions, best practice dictates that the organisation should look at both the best internal and the best external options. As a result, we always recommend and help our clients to conduct a regular effort to assess and develop likely internal contenders who could one day lead the organisation. And in the event that it proves necessary to launch an external search for a new executive, we have the capability to access the best talent available for the role.