About us


HR Proactivity has established itself as a company specializing in the search and selection of executives and qualified personnel. Specializing in the evaluation and hiring of professionals with career tracks that create a competitive advantage and provide sustainable value to their client companies. Our headquarters is located in Barcelona, ​​we have offices in Madrid, and we operate throughout Spain.


With over 25 years of experience, we have worked with most industries. Our clients include large corporations as well as small and medium enterprises with high projection.


Despite their differences, our clients have one thing in common: the challenge of managing companies in constant change and expansion, with the growing demands of an increasingly competitive business environment. Given our deep operational experience and knowledge gained from multiple executive searches conducted successfully in the past, we work with confidence in the search and selection of the best executives for companies today, and especcially the companies of tomorrow.


We know what to do to help our clients find and incorporate appropriate people for positions of responsibility.


Most of our business comes from one of three sources: customers for whom we have worked before, clients who have been referred by other satisfied clients, and candidates who have gone through our recruitment process and have a positive and fair view of HR Proactivity and our team.


Our passion for excellence in all that we do has secured us long-standing relationships of trust with our clients, many of whom have been with us since our beginnings in the executive search business.


We are members of © SearchNet International, a global network of the best executive search firms in the world, which provides global searches with a local focus. This allows us to fill high-level quality jobs anywhere in the world.